Af Charlotte Engsig


It is difficult to start on a new semester and the weather certainly does not make it any easier. It is hard to even get out of bed, so if you do not want to spend all your time and energy at the university or drinking your sorrows away in Jomfru Ane Gade then there is still hope for you. Be at ease! This is an issue which we deeply sympathise with on Agenda, and therefore we have found a fantastic possibility for you to change it up and meet some new people.


The Intercambio Programme is a great opportunity to meet new people – both Danish and international students to be exact. Therefore, there is no better time to look closer at the programme so you can decide if it is something for you. The Intercambio Programme is a small association that arrange events for Danes as well as Internationals. Language and culture is a key aspect of the programme with the specific purpose to unite people from across the world. This gives wonderful opportunities to learn a foreign language, such as Danish, English, Spanish, German or French. But first and foremost, it is a great way of establishing new friendships.


One of the volunteers on the Intercambio Programme agreed to give an interview so everyone could get a clearer view what exactly this programme offers and why it is something that you should indeed consider. Dagmar Knudsen Fallesen recently started to volunteer at the association and her tasks consist of attending, arranging and promoting events as well as coordinating. She studies Language and International Studies, English on 6th semester at AAU.


How would you describe the Intercambio Programme?


– The Intercambio Programme is a great place to meet new people from across the world and interact with them whilst playing games, networking or having a BBQ. The programme arranges all different kinds of activities, which do not include alcohol, in order for everyone to join and have it be about meeting new people and networking. It moreover enhances people’s language skills and not only in English. At my first event as a volunteer, I brushed up on my French with a student from Belgium. My first event was a poker night (without actual gambling of course), but where we all mingled, ate chips and talked to new people. I was just as new as many of the internationals. There are already monthly events planned for 2017, so I am looking forward to continuing with the volunteers, Danes and internationals.


Why did you want to volunteer at the Intercambio Programme? 


– I wanted to volunteer for the Intercambio Programme because I saw it as a great opportunity to meet new people in Aalborg, mainly internationals since I myself have tried being on a semester abroad and therefore know the importance of feeling welcomed in the place you study. Moreover, my degree is in English and very internationally minded, so it is an interest of mine to be in the international field.


Is it something only for international students, or could Danish students benefit from attending events as well?


– No not at all, Danes are more than welcome to join if they themselves find it interesting to interact with the internationals, whom of which are the main focus of the programme. They can either enhance their second language skills, or, if the internationals are trying to learn Danish, they can help with that as well.


Would you recommend people to join the events?


– Absolutely! As you know, I am a new volunteer and that can be a scary thing, to join in on an event where I did not know any of the other volunteers. In the same manner as the internationals, it can be difficult to take the step and actually join in on the social events where you do not know anybody. But I know they will be very welcoming and we will have a great night every time. It is a really great opportunity to meet new people and have fun.


If you are interested to hear more you can find the Intercambio Programme on Facebook to look for exciting upcoming events. So if you are in the mood to either volunteer or simply join for fun it is definitely a great opportunity to meet a great bunch of new people.