Text: Trine Munk Bertelsen

Important dates
February 16 – Application deadline
March 6 –  Case work
March 7 – Finals

It won’t be long now until the 2019 AAU Case Competition [AAU CC] is going to be kicked off. Are you ready? We spoke to Rasmus Gade Laursen and Steffen Foldager Jensen, two of the winners of last year’s competition to find out how it felt to participate and what they gained from the experience so that you know just what to expect.

Challenge yourself

The first thing you should know, is that, within the AAU Case Competition, a number of chosen students are tasked with solving a specific case. The given case is presented by the chosen case company, which this year is Rambøll, and, when given, the participants will have 12 hours to solve the case. The competition is overall centered on a real-life problem and an interdisciplinary collaborate work-method is practiced. Something which was considered a welcome opportunity by the two winners.

“I think it is important that we as students break out of the semester bounds set by the university and experiment with our capabilities in interaction with others. […] It is first when we meet and interact with other areas of study, it really becomes visible what exactly it is that makes us unique”  Steffen Foldager Jensen

After the first 24 hours, the students will have to present their prepared case solution for the chosen jury and afterwards the jury will, during the event, choose the winners of the competition.

More than just a money price..?

What do you gain from participating in the AAU Case Competition? This is always a complicated question to answer. And the answer is going to be different depending on each person you ask. The winners of the case competition will, of course, receive a prize, however, and more important; all of the participants will walk away with personal growth.

“The most important thing I gained from my participation in AAU Case Competition was a stronger opinion of my own professional capabilities,” Steffen Foldager Jensen

He added to this statement that besides his improved self-understanding, the best thing about participating in AAU Case Competition was the clearly visible engagement of the people participating. Rasmus in a similar spirit found the experience enriching.

“It is extremely enriching to see how other people work throughout such a progress and furthermore how assignments normally are managed in other fields of study,” Rasmus Gade Laursen

Not only the winners of the competition will gain something from participating. Every participant of the AAU CC will furthermore have improved their CV by participating.

Participation in the Corporate Lounge – what to expect and why participate

A big takeaway from the competition is moreover the opportunity for you or your group to expand your professional as well as personal network. A great place to do this is at the Corporate Lounge event.

“[The Corporate Lounge] is a great opportunity to network with other people, both students but moreover also people who themselves are a real part of the job market. “ Rasmus Gade Laursen

”Corporate Lounge provides the opportunity to meet companies who are interested in having a real contact with students and hearing what they have to say.” Steffen Foldager Jensen

So why participate in the 2019 AAU CC? Well besides what has already been mentioned, this year’s AAU CC is going to be in corporation with Rambøll, where the theme will be future cities. So besides improving your competencies and knowledge, boosting your CV and cultivating your network, this next AAU CC will also be an opportunity for you or your group to put your mark on the future. Furthermore, if you distinguish yourself in the competition, you might even be lucky enough to be offered a study-job, part-time job, internship or maybe even a job after you have finished your studies!

Get started!

Solving the specific case can be done in a number of ways and every person or group will have their own way of handling the job. The biggest part of the competition is probably going to be the creative process of generating new ideas and finding a solution that works. When entering your grades do not matter – meaning that it is possible for everyone to join and excel and when facing the challenge keep in mind these words of wisdom from Rasmus and Steffen:

  1. Listen to each other and embrace your differences
  2. Create a solid foundation for your idea
  3. Be clear in your presentation

So what are you waiting for? Apply now – It is free and open for everyone. All you have to do is go to their website, sign up and join the competition!